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Allow artists to generate their own genre and location tags to distinguish themselves from similarly named artists

Such a function would give artists more agency over how they're identified within Bandsintown while also giving Bandsintown's algorithm more information w/r/t which events belong to each artist (for instance, BAND (metal) would have different events autopublished to its page than BAND (folk)).

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  • Jun 4 2018
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    June 07, 2018 14:46

    Please allow artists to be associated w/ artists they feel are within their genre.  In the "other artists on tour" feature, I'm being connected to artists who don't sound much like me at all.  And because I'm also trying to shape my "brand" as a musician this algorithm doesn't help me.  I had a history in my region with a particular genre, but don't play that type of music anymore.  But because of your algorithm (I assume) my old fans from that previous time period/genre are affecting the artists I'm associated with.  This issue alone makes me more inclined to stop using bandsintown altogether and just start posting the dates on my website manually.