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Website login without facebook


I was wondering if there was any way I can use the bandsintown website without a facebook login? While I do still have a facebook account I do not want to link it to anything due to privacy and security concerns... the only use I have for facebook is staying updated with concerts and events - a service that your platform would be so much better suited to, and as I'm trying to get rid of facebook in my life as much as possible it would be great if I could start using bandsintown as a great alternative more and more. And from a little bit of research I don't really see any connection between facebook and bandsintown, apart from the necessity of a facebook account to log into your platform...

I obviously also have the bandsintown android app where I can log in without facebook but it would be really great if I could do so on the website as well, mainly because it makes it easier to use at work and at home for me and I can update concerts and stuff on to my outlook calendar. It's obviously not a deal breaker if this isn't possible, but with all the bad reputation that facebook has been getting for a long time now I think it would be pretty cool if your services came a bit more detached from facebook, if there's not a ton of legal implications in the way of something like that... 

Anyway, I thought I'd ask whether it is or will be possible to sign into my account on your website without facebook, and not just on the app? I would appreciate it... :)

Thank you very much for your help and in any case, keep on doing awesome work!

Many thanks and best regards

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  • Apr 23 2019
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