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Artists added in an event Line-Up should populate event on their events as well.

I manage several artists pages, and when a colleague that manages another act who is also playing on the same bill as the ones I represent, sometimes he creates the event first and adds my acts to the line-up for  the legitimate reason that they are on the same bill, but yet it seems like the only way to do that is to bulk upload the same spreadsheet on multiple artist pages.


Should be easier to kill 2 birds with one stone, but thats not the case at the moment.


I understand that if a very small indie act puts someone major like Ed Sheeran or Matchbox Twenty on the line-up, it may cause issue, but I'd imagine that Ed's team would see the event on the pending page and be able to approve or veto that.....


Maybe an update to the system could automatically put events in where Ed Sheeran or Bieber is tagged in to go to "pending" before they automatically go out...

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  • May 10 2019
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