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Make 'request band' feature more interactive

Hello, I love Bandsintown.

Several years back I started to brainstorm with a Programmer about making an app caled Demagig. A pun on demand/democracy/gig. Then I realised you folks existed. Then I saw your 'request a band in your city' feature. This was going to be our main feature. If you were to take it a step further it could revolutionise the gig market and help promoters/agents/bands to stop the days of playing to small audiences and actually allow bands to be in control of growing there businesses with much more security.

On bands profiles it would be great to show where the band is being demanded in a basic graphic - with share links. When someone says 'request' actually ask them to reserve a ticket on an online form. The terms and conditions are that they will be emailed a ticket link when the band decide to announce the date and location of the show for a discount price of course.

Its very similar to what you do...but just with one more step...make it more interactive and more presentable for people to share. It then almost becomes a crowd funder style momentum builder. Followers see that your band has had 150 demands...only 50 offfrom bookng the show etc etc...

To monistise you use your % as a deposit. You ask fans for a small deposit £1.50 and permission to secure their bank details until the full ticket is available (more complicated but it is legal if customers consent) could package it in a way that if a fan is willing to deposit - they get a significant discount and also Bands intown VIP ticket....with percs agreed by the band obviously. (set features such as signed ticket, soundcheck access...etc etc, a piece of merch)

I know Bands have access to this data on their artists page but it could be better and more user friendly. i.e better page share features, promotion links and make it visually more exciting both for artists and gig goers to see the demand data building (with comments for each city).

The main point being that bands can put a minimum Ticket threshold on requests i.e 200 tickets reserved and then the band will book a show. ...both the band and gig goer can see this info. Bands/promoters/agents can use these pages to target more people in specific cities and be confident that they have interest.

I would happy to fund some of this set up/design.

Rather than me competing with you. What you do is so good. Or if I was to develop this feature could we partner with you?

Thanks for listening.

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  • Apr 24 2020
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