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Gig search for certain locations on certain dates

Hello team,


What I think would be a useful addition for fans is to be able to receive notifications for shows in a certain city within a certain date range. For instance, UK fans might be taking a trip to the US and wanting to know about shows in their destination for the time period they are there.

For instance, I'm visiting the US in March, and I'd love to set notifications for the cities I'm seeing throughout the month.


At the moment, this is only possible by changing location entirely (as far as I can see).

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  • Oct 2 2017
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    October 03, 2017 20:01


    Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately you cannot receive notifications without changing your location entirely but on the Search page you can search for events in another location. I will pass on your suggestion about notifications, thanks for sending it in!


    Alexis Jenkins

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    November 09, 2019 12:25

    Stupid to me that this is not a feature. Isnt this the core function of the product offering. Please add this feature.